Creating private secure networks will enable a standardized deployment of your cloud resources on an open secure platform. VirtuDataCenter solves your security issues.

Large enterprises must be extremely vigilant in protecting their information assets in an age where cyber security breaches have become increasingly common. VirtuSecure keeps the information that is enveloped in the virtual cloud from being accessed with a highly secure proprietary process that provides a degree of security that will meet all your compliance needs. The VirtuDataCenter basic access is thru a pair of firewalls that is custom configured and built for each customer – With a flexible dual option, a physical one may be installed at the customer premise on their intranet and an identical virtual one installed in the VirtuDataCenter Computing Complex, or it may be completely contained within your own enterprise facilities.

The two firewalls can only send/receive information from each other. These two firewalls set up an encrypted tunnel (the same type used by ATMs) so that data can travel securely over the internet between the customer's location and the customer's VirtuDataCenter. The communications within the equipment complex are double encrypted for additional security. There are provisions for 3rd parties to have administrative access so they can provide support, but only you are allowed to permit this.

VirtuSecure firewalls

You are not required to configure anything — it will come to you ready to plug in and work immediately and join your intranet with your private virtual data center. Once the connection between your two firewalls is established, you then have access to the software used to configure and select the software solutions you would like to put inside your data center.

By placing a VirtuConnect physical firewall at separate locations, the two physical locations can be logically "joined" on one network and have access to the same network. This means that all applications available at the master location can be used by the other ones without needing separate installation or configuration.


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