The primary benefit of cloud computing is allowing networks to share resources, thereby avoiding additional capital expenditures, but the configuration and security complexities of allowing those resources to be shared has made many organizations hesitant in adopting a cloud computing environment.

VirtuDataCenter helps to eliminate those concerns by creating a simple, graphical user interface that gives network administrators total management control of both their logical and physical data centers. The applications and data are logically on your site, no matter where their physical location resides.

Many organizations segment their networks or select applications to make sure that each part of the organization controls and has access to a part of the data. VirtuDataCenter has set up standard networks which utilize “tried and true” standard applications for each segment of your organization to run your business on.

The software used to set up VirtuDataCenter consists of three main sections:

  1. Software to control the physical infrastructure itself
  2. Software to generate your firewalls (also to allow you to simultaneously write new access rules to both firewalls), and
  3. Software abstraction layer the customer can see and use (which makes difficult, multi-discipline tasks as easy as setting up a home router)

The descriptions provided in this section highlight the “abstraction” layer a customer can access for their virtual data center. A more detailed description of the entire system is available under a Non-Disclosure Agreement with existing and potential customers.


For more information please contact VirtuDataCenter.