Hardware and Facilities

Many Government agencies that deal with sensitive information will be in need of a cloud solution that they can install in their own computing environment in a secure fashion, basically a virtual private cloud. The VirtuDataCenter solution provides for complete management control and impenetrable mission critical security within your own private cloud solution offering all the benefits of cloud computing inside of your private network. Your physical facilities, endpoints, management and datacenters will still all reside on your premise equipment, along with the VirtuConnect portal and VirtuDatacenter software running your cloud computing solution.

Some agencies that may need to use our hosted database offering can be assured that we offer a solution that meets or exceeds your compliance needs. VirtuDataCenter can give those entities an end-to-end solution allowing for the agency to reduce IT expansion and operational costs. Following is more in-depth information on our facilities and hardware that we use for those type of offerings.


VirtuDataCenter's physical data center is located in the Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. This world-class data center is staffed with skilled engineers and support personnel. The data center provides Enterprise class hosting, with a monitored, redundant network, dual power and A/C. Many auxiliary services are available for the customer including storage, tape backup, monitoring, and disaster recovery. This ensures the security, integrity, and availability for the customer.

Physical security

  • Level 1: Proximity card access with PIN is required to enter the building. (You are not yet in the data center).
  • Level 2: Proximity card access with Biometric (fingerprint) scan is required to enter the data center.
  • Level 3: All hardware is secured in a locked cage or steel mesh cabinets fitted with combination locks.
  • Level 4: Video surveillance cameras are placed throughout the facility and monitored 24x7x365. Level 5: Motion/vibration detectors

Environmental security

  • Controlled temperature and humidity via redundant HVAC units
  • Dual detection dry pipe system with Inergen gas for subfloor

Utilities Reliability/Security

  • Electrical
    - Uninterruptable Power Supply
       (redundant 300 KVA UPS systems, each capable of meeting full load)
    - 1.7 megawatt diesel generator
       (regular testing and maintenance, fuel contract in case of emergency)
  • Network
    - Diverse fiber entry points OC-12 up to OC-192
    - Monitored redundant networks from multiple routes and routers
    - Multiple bandwidth suppliers with multiple entry points into facility
  • Cooling
    - Controlled temperature and humidity via Redundant AC systems
    - Redundant Chilled Water Loops
  • Process Consistency
    - The data center has passed a SAS 70 Level II audit (SAS 70, Level II "certified"). What this means is that the security and operational processes required to run the data center are written, a record is maintained of the ongoing compliance to those standards, and the auditor's opinion of the standard's effectiveness is available. Examples include logs of the 7x24x365 network and physical monitoring, access to the data center, and results of generator/UPS testing. If you are required to provide an audit of your service provider for your organization's compliance requirements (HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, etc.), the audit results are available.
VirtuDataCenter Hardware

Hardware Infrastructure

  • Enterprise Class, Data Center Management and Redundancy
  • Fully Dual Redundant Networks, Power and HVAC, Security
VirtuDataCenter hardware infrastructure

Virtualization takes a large server and divides it into smaller partitions. However, if the partition is too small, it will significantly degrade performance. VirtuDataCenter's approach it to provide a 'beefier' computing hardware setup so that the performance will actually be increased.

Physical Network

  • Hundreds of both gigabit Ethernet and infiniband network are installed.
  • Infiniband Interfaces, cables, and switches are installed between the servers and storage for the highest bandwidth interconnect possible.
  • The physical network that VirtuDataCenter is based on includes both a trunked gigabit Ethernet network (multi-gigabit connects per server) and a 10 Gigabit infiniband backbone for storage.
  • The storage network is made up of multiple parallel storage servers, for both for speed and redundancy. The effective speed of the file system as available to the customer is 30 GBytes/sec, as compared to a standard hard disk (~.070 GBytes/sec).


  • All processing nodes are 64 bit, which makes greater amounts of memory and storage available.
  • Each physical server has multiple processors and at least 8 GB of memory, with most servers having 16 and 32 GB. This allows the server to be subdivided multiple “virtual machines”.

Each physical server has multiple processors and 8 - 32 GB of main memory available. This allows the server to be subdivided multiple ‘virtual machines’. You can also select whether you want your Virtual servers to be spread apart on different physical servers for additional redundancy.

In addition, the servers are all connected to an out-of-band hardware monitoring system so that an alarm is produced if any component of the server overheats or fails.


  • Storage is independent of Servers for increased flexibility
  • Storage uses Extreme Raid (raid on raid) for Data Protection
  • Storage uses multiple units operating in parallel — this increases both the performance level and the amount of data protection

Storage consists of a hardware RAID and a with a Software RAID (Redundant Array of Disks) on each Storage system. In addition, the storage systems are placed in parallel and an additional RAID copy is placed on them in software along with a file system which uses a Global Name Space. What this means is that each customer has all the space of the common storage available for writing, but is only charged for what they use. The security of your data on the Global Name space is assured by assuring that a customer can only see their own data.

By clustering multiple storage systems in parallel and creating a large single file system out of them, the performance of the storage system is MUCH greater than what is normally seen. The storage file system currently has available 30 GBytes/sec of total file system bandwidth, all of which is available to the customer base. The bandwidth to any particular server is 500 Mbytes for reads and 700 Mbytes for writes — significantly more than other solutions that are available.







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