Total cost of ownership—Going Green

Many State and Federal Government initiatives are underway and are offering incentives and/or mandating reduced consumption of energy, better utilization of existing facilities and strengthening electronics stewardship.

VirtuDataCenter will help your company attain its green initiatives by allowing you to utilize your equipment more efficiently and deferring the capital investment that would be required otherwise. Obviously, a virtual data center existing in the cloud will not draw as much electricity, will require less air conditioning, and will require less space requirements as adding physical equipment. In total this means that with better utilization your computing will accomplish more work per unit of energy consumed.

Other total cost of ownership factors will be lessened significantly when implementing a VirtuDataCenter solution. One of the main advantages of cloud computing with VirtuDataCenter is that the design allows for extremely fast delivery of virtual servers, databases or applications in literally minutes. There are also significant avoided costs in the maintenance and management of additional hardware and software.

Along with these benefits, VirtuDataCenter will decrease the hassles encountered with vendor interoperability, as it is an open system allowing for easy initial installation and minimal training. New applications, servers and databases are then able to be installed with no disruption to existing installation and infrastructure.

VirtuDataCenter manages licenses within our cloud in 2 ways.

The “per CPU” options allow you to stack multiple machines on a single CPU for increase license. A physical machine is designated as the recipient for a given licenses and all VMs using that software are run on that particular physical machine. We also have plans to implement a license pool which would allocate a particular license of software to a given VM while it is running and return it to the pool once that machine is shut off.

Both of these allow end users to buy just the number of licenses that they use and not overspend. All of this saved time and money can free up your IT department to work on value add and other important projects.


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