VirtuConnect Portal

VirtuConnect Portal product photoBy implementing the VirtuConnect portal in your organization, you enable an intuitive point-and-click interface providing instantaneous deployment and creation of resources.

VirtuConnect is the portal for controlling your own virtual private data center. A simple to use, yet secure, web interface permits adds, deletes, and changes of virtual machines inside your virtual data center. The VirtuDataCenter access is through a pair of firewalls that is custom configured and built for each location — a physical one installed on the premise site location and an identical virtual one installed in your data center.

Large enterprises will have the agility to rapidly and cost-effectively deploy or redeploy servers, applications, and databases. Not only will you get higher performance than adding real machines, you will also save money by deferring acquisition costs. VirtuConnect is the leading edge product that will take your network into cloud computing and beyond.


For more information please contact VirtuDataCenter.