VirtuApp Store

Application availability is one of the most advantageous aspects of the VirtuDataCenter solution set. Network administrators spend countless hours configuring and deploying applications to end-users in order to maintain a level of control and prevent application creep onto the network. While control over applications is maintained, the ability to allow for the addition of available commercial applications and the creation new applications is also provided to large enterprises.

App Stores (or App Markets) are becoming more prevalent and users are becoming increasingly aware of the high availability of these digital distribution platforms. Ease of use with an intuitive graphical user interface, the VirtuApp Store allows network administrators to set-up a virtual application distribution system for new and existing applications on their network while still maintaining a high level of security and control.

The direct nature of this digital distribution will end up saving costs to the large enterprises and as new applications are developed, these resources can easily be placed on the virtual network via this distribution model and can be designated for specific user groups.


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