VirtuDataCenter government solutions

Learn more about our innovative approach to cloud computing. The links below will guide you through the various components of our VirtuDataCenter solution.

Empower your enterprise network...

VirtuDataCenter offers a complete end-to-end virtual private cloud solution that provides total management control and impenetrable mission critical security.

Facing today's economy

Today’s large enterprises are faced with unprecedented economic and competitive realities that are challenging IT departments in ways that were previously unimagined. Increasing global competition, an economic downturn of historic proportions, greater security threats, and scarce resources, have meant that IT departments must find ways to trim costs, do more with fewer resources, and increase vigilance over protecting their strategic information assets.

Our large enterprise solution is a flexible dual option complete cloud computing offering that can be implemented rapidly within your existing IT network or transparently within our secure facilities while maintaining your total management control. By implementing the VirtuConnect portal in your organization, you enable an intuitive point and click interface is providing instantaneous deployment and creation of resources. This solution gives large enterprises the ability to deploy a cloud computing solution that significantly reduces total IT costs, optimizes productivity of resources, and provides security that is unparalleled within a cloud environment.


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