VirtuDataCenter - founded in 2005

About VirtuDataCenter...

The genesis of the VirtuConnect product and the VirtuDataCenter Company started in 2005 as a way for M c Mazarick, CTO, to easily configure a solution for one of his hosted customer solutions. This solution consisted of a corporate headquarters with 4500 remote customer locations. Faced with the prospect of spending countless hours configuring equipment, writing scripts and setting up secure virtual private tunnels for their customer, Mic decided to create an innovative approach. He started to develop an easy to use interface that would allow him to instantly set-up virtual servers, databases and deliver applications. All the while, Mic had to make certain that the shared facilities would be secured between the customers. This pursuit led him to develop a unique security process and solution that made his life easier with the advent of the VirtuDataCenter solution and the VirtuConnect portal.

Mike Mazarick, the CEO, had been a manager in IT for many years and throughout much of that time had been involved in managing teams of people to consolidate and rationalize server and storage systems. He worked with large scale SAN/NAS storage systems and understood the low utilization rates of these really were a wasteful expenditure for the IT departments. He also saw the vast potential for being able to efficiently share resources in a network environment along with reducing the load on IT departments giving them the opportunity to work on projects that have a positive return on investment.

Together they decided to form an alliance and create a new cloud computing company called VirtuDataCenter.


Evolution milestones...
  • Jan 2010—VirtuDataCenter offers complete cloud solution
  • Sept 2009—VirtuDataCenter starts marketing VirtuConnect
  • Apr 2009—VirtuConnect released for end customers
  • Mar 2008—First production migration for customers
  • June 2007—First Beta testing completed
  • Feb 2007—DTI completes transition to a VirtuConnect based phone system, databases, SVN repositories, CMS systems
  • Sept 2006—Mic Mazarick describes to key executives in RTP the beginnings of VirtuConnect
  • Aug 2005—Mic Mazarick begins negotiations for data center to support a major pharmaceutical manufacturer for his company, DTI, Inc.