VirtuDataCenter government solutions

Learn more about our innovative approach to cloud computing. The links below will guide you through the various components of our VirtuDataCenter solution.

Empower your business network...

VirtuDataCenter’s solution offers tremendous value to start-up, small, and medium size businesses. Today’s business climate means that companies need to do more with less. The advantages of cloud computing give you large IT capabilities without the expense of a large IT department. By spending less on network infrastructure and associated resources, VirtuDataCenter enables you to focus precious resources on acquiring new customers, competing, and growing your business.

Growing your business

Our solution provides you with the ability to rapidly deploy enormous data storage and computing capabilities, including many open-source applications, that are normally only available to large corporations. With a very cost effective monthly subscription, VirtuDataCenter provides your growing business with these key benefits:

  • Low start up costs (monthly subscriptions)
  • Rapid deployment of applications
  • Simple Point-and-Click Interface and Management System
  • Total User Control
  • Easy Integration of multiple vendor applications Scalable


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